About Us


Our Story

Hi! We are Shelby and Monika, best friends that met through kitten rescue and Founders of Trashy Country- an Alternative Country Marketplace with edgy, modern and festival cowgirl fashion.

Monika, already a designer for house brand Demi Loon, and Shelby, with an impeccable eye for styling-and now together as designers for Rodeo Fox, our brains created this marketplace and a brand which is sure to please those looking for that Yallternative look! We envision a youthful, modern, and very sexy vibe for our country marketplace.

It started together over drinks saying "there should be a shirt that says..."

Out of those wine infused nights we came up with some of our classics:  "Homewrecker", "Sugar Tits" , Trashy Cowgirl", and "Slightly Hungover".

All fun, flirty, naughty graphics for our very relatable collection.

We are based in Redondo Beach, California and operated by a team women- mothers, daughters, friends and family- all animal lovers.

Our house brands Rodeo Fox and Demi Loon are American Made locally in Los Angeles. In addition to our house brands, we carry a curated collection of local labels to complement our own designs and fill your heart and closet with joy. 


Mission Statement

To create and curate fashion collections with a mix of labels including our own in house designs that exudes modern, sexy, gritty, country magic.


Our Passion

A portion of our all of our proceeds go to animal rescues including Paws of Redemption Rescue a 501 (c) 3 non-profit founded by Shelby, with Monika serving as Vice president. And 100% of the profits purchased from the "paws collection" go directly toward saving animals.

Paws of Redemption saves and finds homes for hundreds of animals every year!  We are very active during "kitten season" TNR (trap and release) with the help of our volunteers we will take in pregnant mama cats, find homes for their kittens and if possible mama as well, but if not she goes back to her feral cat colony spayed and vaccinated. This takes tremendous efforts and vet bills always rack up. A huge part of the reason we founded this company is to be able to help these animals in need. We also support other amazing dog, cat, and barn animals rescues as well!




Instagram @PawsofRedemptionRescue

website: PawsofRedemption.com